Jason Prism testimonial

In today’s technology-driven world, speed of data consumption, parsing, and decision-making can be a competitive differentiator. The bottleneck for information uptake is a human’s limited I/O. My natural senses were restricting my full potential, so I volunteered for an experiment to increase my ability to absorb information. All I needed was a simple high-bandwidth optical cable grafted to my nervous system via my spinal column, a decoding chip embedded in the base of my skull, and a simple heat sync embedded in my lower jaw, and I was off to the races! Prism Research Group has changed my life!

Danny Prism testimonial

For my company, all that mattered was the bottom line. They kept laying people off without replacing them, and all their job responsibilities would become my problem. Honestly, I was getting buried under my workload, so I started looking for research on “how to effectively multitask.” After finding PRG, everything came together. It’s like living in a dream.

Sophie Prism testimonial

After learning that my DNA wasn’t a prison, but a string of code loaded with potential, I decided to take the leap. Through the MiCROlab network I’ve uncovered parts of me I’d never thought possible, and have made leaps and bounds over my old self. Long story short, I’m looking forward to being the first female in a very popular “male only” sport next season.


Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Prism Research Group is constantly looking for fresh volunteers needed in their significant work into expanding the human genome.