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Prism Home Haunt

The Haunt’s Inspiration:

Prism Research Group, a Fortune 500 biotechnology company, franchises out do-it-yourself “MiCRO” laboratories to would-be home scientists. In 2019, we invite guests into MiCRO Lab 2 to participate in experiments aimed at the betterment of humanity. We soon find out that the overseeing Doctor’s vision of “betterment” may differ from that of the common ideal.

garage monster
Patio monster

2019 – Escape Your Prism

Prism is back in a big way! We’ve expanded the haunt to 7+ rooms and ~10 minutes of horror. In sticking with our Prism roots, each room is themed on a color of the visible light spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (ROYGBIV). This year, terror comes in all shades.

You’ll encounter live actors, dead actors, and possibly some in-between as you wind through our 7 unique rooms and try to avoid the Doctor’s “advanced humans.”

We’re also ratcheting up the special effects, with home-grown animatronics powered by Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos. Ever enter a fleshy room enveloped in countless, randomly-twitching eyeballs only to have them pause and focus their attention on you? You will at the Prism Haunt.

Thrown into the mix are a multitude of cinema-quality, pre-recorded special effects including character videos, monster projections, and world-building advertisements for the big-bad parent corporation, Prism Research Group.

Open Nights

Prism is located at 24465 Chamalea, Mission Viejo CA, 92691

We’ll be open for 5 nights during the 2019 season:
Oct 18: 7-9 PM
Oct 19: 7-9 PM
Oct 25: 7-9 PM
Oct 26: 7-8 PM
Oct 31: 6-10 PM

2018 – A Haunt To Remember

During our inaugural year in 2018, we opened to the public for a total of 3 nights and 7 hours. During that time, we had 750 terrified guests experience the haunt and most lived to tell the tale. Prism was a passion project designed by two friends, David Fefferman and Andrew Ducote, as a free-to-attend haunt for the community. It was a resounding success in every category except for number of gray hairs generated. The two are gluttons for punishment, and this year they’re back with a haunt more than twice the size and triple the time as last year’s.

2018 Prism Haunt stats

About The Haunters

Andrew and David

David FeffermanDavid Fefferman has a background in design and technology and focuses on set design and construction of the physical haunt.



Andrew DucoteAndrew Ducote comes from the world of film and focuses on pre-recorded scenes and haunt documentation. 



Contact Us

For inquiries, please email us at, reach out to us on social media, or use the form, below:

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Monster nomming

Countdown To Our Biggest Night

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